About Peonies & Parasols

Welcome! We're so grateful you're here with us at Peonies & Parasols! 🌸 Our story begins with a deep passion for smocked clothing. A whole 15 years ago, it felt like finding a new smocked dress for under $60 was like searching for a rare treasure.

As a mom of four lovely kiddos, I've always adored dressing them in matching outfits, but, oh boy, finding those adorable sibling sets on a budget? Now, that's a real challenge!

Here at Peonies & Parasols, our mission is simple: we want you to fall head over heels in love with those perfect outfits for your little ones, outfits that will help you create beautiful memories. 💖 We pride ourselves in always having sibling sets available and working tirelessly to keep our prices as friendly as your warmest smile, all while delivering top-quality hand-smocked and hand-embroidered items.

So thank you for being part of our Peonies & Parasols family, and we're excited to help you discover those delightful outfits that will make your little ones shine with joy! 🌼